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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History


The development of Exit 11, connecting Downtown Paducah to Interstate 24 brings more than life to Downtown, it brings memories and hope for funeral home owner, Rick Hughes.  Hughes Funeral Home,  located at exit 11 on Puryear Drive, serves the Purchase Area with a special bond to the community where owner, Rick Hughes and family share their heritage. While Rick Hughes has developed an extensive network of relationships through years of care and compassion for families throughout the area, his closest memories take him to the very earliest relationships he began many years ago as a child growing up near the new funeral home.

From his early years on Main Street in Paducah, Mr. Hughes shares memories of spending time with neighbors and his family of eight siblings where as young men and women they attended school, worked, and played.  It was surprising to find many years later that the property now owned by the funeral home is where Mr. Hughes and his brother once fished in a small pond, in what was then the countryside.  The Hughes family relatives also owned a sawmill nearby that operated for many years before it was removed for the construction of Puryear Drive.  Mr. Hughes remembers the area before the recent developments and the construction of Interstate 24 when Old Husband Road was the primary road.  In a short span of three decades he has witnessed many developments take place which he considered a sign of positive growth for the City.

Mr. Hughes found his career in funeral services as a young man.  Soon after graduating from Paducah Tilghman High School and a stint with Illinois Central Gulf, he began work with Lindsey Funeral Home digging graves part- time and within a year started serving his apprenticeship at the downtown Lindsey Funeral Home.  Within the next five years, he completed his training.  He received his license and diploma from Mid-America College of Funeral Services in Jeffersonville, IN where he graduated with honors and received the esteemed Bill Pierce award of his class.  Soon after graduating he returned home to Paducah and established his career.

Since his return as a young student, Mr. Hughes has spent his life caring for those families who have come to him in a time of great need.  Through his tenured service as manager of both Lindsey’s and Milner and Orr Funeral Homes he has developed a large network of friends and extended family with an outreached hand and heart to those in need of care.  His wife, Crysta, worked several years with Hospice in Paducah and currently is employed with Lourdes Hospice, shares his passion for reaching out to those in difficult circumstances and in need of compassion and care. 

Mr. Hughes brings his lifelong network of family and friends along with his years of skill and knowledge to bear in his new family owned and operated funeral home.  Being family owned and near the place of his upbringing, the funeral home contains a special warmth and real quality that is appreciated by many.  Opposed to the corporately owned funeral homes, Mr. Hughes’ family owned operation, is like a business from years past which is rare.  It’s the very nature of a family owned business born out of true heritage that gives it the special history and human touch that is hard to find these days.

Like the early years of his childhood, Mr. Hughes enjoys spending time with his family as they assist him with the funeral home.  Both as co-owners and volunteers, his family commits time to helping the funeral home reach out and invite people in to share a home of care and compassion.

Indeed, being from a family of eight helps when he needs support.  Retired form the Kentucky State Workforce Development/Cabinet for Human Resources, Brenda Hughes-Allcock, his eldest sister, she works to service the needs of families with pre-need arrangements and funeral services. Nancy Hughes, another sister who is also retired from the State of Kentucky/ Marshall County Court Clerk’s Office serves as a funeral assistant. Tina Clark-Hughes, sister-in-law to Mr. Hughes  serves  as Secretary/Treasurer to the funeral home where she works as an administrative assistant.

Brothers, Bobby and Jack Hughes, assist in the family operation as needed. Larry Wayne Hughes (a younger brother) and Marilyn Hughes-Reed (an older sister) are both deceased. A sister, Pam Hughes-Russell resides in Wickliffe, Kentucky. “It is most rewarding to have family who share the same vision and can offer more than just technical support,” says Rick Hughes.

While much has changed at the Exit 11 and Puryear Drive, the Hughes family’s memories and relationships from this area remain.  The lighthouse image on the Hughes Funeral Home logo is testament to the deep roots and commitment to family and community this family owned funeral home works to earn.  The lighthouse, a favorite image of his deceased son, stands as a beacon of hope, love, and the power of family during the toughest of times during which a family will ever face.

Our Valued Staff

                                                         A Tribute to Marilyn Hughes Reed

Rick  Hughes

Rick Hughes, Owner/President

Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes, Licensed Funeral Director

Van Johnson

Van Johnson, Preneed Advisor, Licensed Funeral Director

Darrell  Reed

Darrell Reed

Brenda (Hughes)  Allcock

Brenda (Hughes) Allcock, Funeral Director/Pre-Need Planner

Tina (Clark) Hughes

Tina (Clark) Hughes, Office Administrator

Bob  Hughes

Bob Hughes