Advanced Planning

Avoid Inflationary Costs!Lock in prices, doubling every 15 yrs on averageAffordable single pay or payment plansIrrevocable Medicaid approved(Click Here to Download)

Servicing the needs of the family is priority at Hughes Funeral Home, which is locally owned and operated. This valued, personal service, before, during and after the "celebration of life event" has been a natural for over thirty years. With the expertise of Rick Hughes, founder, Hughes Funeral Home is dedicated in serving families in Western KY, inter-state, and intra-state.

With today's definition of the word "family", one must be most aware of being educated on making preparation. This decision to go ahead and plan in advance aids in providing protection emotionally and financially for loved ones, providing smooth mechanics for the future "celebration of life" event, while experiencing and making the "planning ahead" easy and simple." Surprisingly getting the pre-planning phase completed, by documenting those personal wishes and family histories, whether "choosing to fund" or "not to fund", can give one a very good feeling," says Brenda Allcock, who assists in providing that valued personal service.

Just when we think we can relax and enjoy the retirement years, we hear about those things we should be taking care of.... providing, once again, for our family . We have made our own decisions for ourselves and our family all our life. Do we want someone else to start making decisions for us now?